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Korean Drama Fever!!!!

Number of View: 8550Just a few days ago, I shared my opinion with one of my colleagues about Korean dramas. Soon after that I started downloading Kpop songs from the internet. Listening to the songs is like a reminiscence of those plots in Korean dramas I have watched many years ago…Remember when you first started [...]

An Article on Stress

Number of View: 5642So when I agreed to write this article, I had no idea it would be so stress inducing. Granted I had about a month to research material and fly ideas pass my posse, but I kept putting this off until I have now officially missed my deadline. While it is a truth, [...]

7 Tips to Changing Your Financial Habits

Number of View: 4551Do you feel that you are living paycheque to paycheque? Ever wondered where all your money went? Prices of goods and costs of living continues to increase and we need to have healthy financial habits to help us weather the oncoming challenges of making ends meet. Here are some tips on how [...]

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