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Warkah Buat Mama

Number of View: 5953mama,
andai kudapat  berkata-kata
puas sudah kuluahkan perasaan
betapa aku dan adik amat mendambakan
belaian dan kasih sayangmu yang gersang
setiap hari, rutin mama menghantar kami di rumah pengasuh
pulang di waktu dinihari ketika kami diulik mimpi
tugasan mama dipikul papa dan pengasuh
apakah mama tidak terasa
betapa cepat masa berlalu
mama mendengar tanpa khusyuk
mama melihat sekadar menjeling
mama bercakap tanpa tumpuan
mama menyentuh [...]

Dress Code

Number of View: 13708Dressing for an event, be it a job, an interview or a social event, requires certain amount of thought. Each event is different, thus requiring different choices of what to wear. Usually there would be some unspoken rule on the type of clothes one can wear to particular events. Sometimes, the type [...]

Dear Children

Number of View: 6866I am going to start by saying that I do not have children. I do not even have a pet. In fact, I am not even married. Therefore, I honestly do not know what made me write this list that you are about to see if you are still reading this. But [...]

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