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Facts of the Case Whether a Legal Requirement or Not?

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In a criminal case whenever an accused person pleads guilty to the charge framed against him/her, the court will require facts of the case to ensure that the accused understands the nature and consequences of his/her plea and admit the charge without qualifications. Are facts of the case a legal [...]

Isu-Isu Alam Sekitar

Number of View: 56847Ramai orang kini sedar tentang kemerosotan alam sekitar. Bagi tempat-tempat tertentu kemerosotan alam sekitar telah mencapai krisis dan boleh dianggap sebagai bencana. Sebagai contohnya, kebocoran loji nuclear di Chernoby, Ukraine ( dulunya dalam kesatuan Soviet ) telah merosakkan alam sekitarnya tanpa dapat diperbaiki dan masih menjadi ancaman kepada penduduk sekitar dan alam [...]

Believe it or not

Number of View: 5501This is very interesting health information…… Coincidental ???
Believe it or not

Slice a mushroom in half and it resembles the shape of the human ear. And guess what? Adding it to your cooking could actually improve your hearing.

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